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After a severe 6.9 magnitude earthquake on Hawaii’s Big Island, the eruption of the Kilauea volcano has more than 10,000 fleeing, forcing them to evacuate from their homes. The outbreak of the lava began after hundreds of small tremors and earthquakes in the days following said outbreak followed the total collapse of the crater floor on the volcanic cone of Puu Oo. Though the FAA have issued a Temporary Flight Restriction, or TFR, for the entire area, one drone user took to the skies to capture the volcano’s eruption, the spewing lava, and all that came with it in the...

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Mini and Nano drones take all of the fun that drones bring and back them into a micro amount of packaging. They’re cute, tons of fun, and come with many surprises. A lot of people overlook these categories of drones, especially nanos, because they’re so tiny, but we’re here to change everyone’s mind! Micro and nano drones are awesome in their own little ways. Some of them have features that are larger than life, while others remain as simple as possible to focus on the flight experience instead. Either way, we love them.  Check out the Micro and Nano drones...

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Buy a small drone with its own remote control. This could be a JJRC H36 or FQ777-124 with soft plastic (safe) blades with blade protectors. If the child is under 6, be careful. They tend to fly the drone into the ceiling - over and over again. Give children a flying lesson with the drone turned off, hold the drone, and as they manipulate the controls, you simulate what it will do. That saves batteries and decreases crashes. Use bed sheets or fabric curtains to create a safe flying zone, and recruit a “drone catcher” who knows how to pick up...

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Benefits of Drones for Kids

Watch kids enhance their problem solving skills, grow their creativity and imagination, improve visual spatial intelligence and foster healthier social relationships.

Check out the JJRC H36, JJRCH20, SYMA X5SW, JJRC H31, FQQ777-124 and lots more at

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What an exciting world we live in. We were excited to see that Drones were going to be playing a big part in the entertainment throughout the Winter Olympic Games. Drones are making history and this convergence of technology and art broke records according to the Guinness Book of World Records.  It's great news to see that Drones are here to stay.  As athletes from 92 nations gathered at the PyeongChang 2018 Opening Ceremony, crowds were treated to a stunning 1200 Intel drone light show celebrating the spirit of the Olympic Games.  This is the future of The Olympic Games...

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